Learning Opportunities at St. Nicholas

As we begin the new church year and turn our thoughts to Christian education, I want to an- nounce some fantastic learning opportunities at St Nicholas this Autumn.

  • On Sept. 4, I AM MARK (see below) Stefan Smart is returning to St. Nicholas to perform another portion of Mark’s gospel.
  • On Sept. 11, Andrew Vernon will speak about transla- tions of the scriptures and suggestions about reading the entire Bible.
  • On Sept. 10, Alice Hughes will share some vocal in- structions with our church singers.
  • On Sept. 18, our children’s and teen Church School classes will resume.
  • In October, we’ll begin an adult education class on Zoom (Main Currents in Early Christian Thought), led by Fr. Stephan. More info coming via email.



Don’t miss it! Action-packed with no less than 19 miracles, the book of Mark was written to be shared live with first century audiences, in one sitting. Aimed at those outside the Jewish faith, the book of Mark has the potential to capture 21st century hearts and minds like no other story.

In this dynamic, word-for-word, solo performance, Stefan Smart brings us the story as it was originally narrated. I AM MARK is the resulting full-bodied drama, with its characters and nuances brought star- tlingly to life.

Invite a friend or neighbor, and imagine yourself among Mark’s first audience, as you experience the Good News of Jesus ‘as it was in the beginning’, in all its urgency and power, challenge and comfort.

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