About Fellowship Lunch

ladies_cookingWhat is the Fellowship Lunch?

One of the many ways we at St. Nicholas are given to show our love of God and our commitment to our community, is our active participation in preparing and serving the wonderful meals we share following Sunday Liturgy.

Each Sunday a “lunch team” donates their time and money to produce a substantial lunch for the parish. The proceeds for the meals go into the Fellowship treasury. These funds are used to purchase supplies for the hall, investments for the Church, scholarships for summer camp, building renovations, flowers, gifts and various donations.

The Lunch Hour is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and for celebrations. Working on a team is not only a great way to make friends, but it also provides a format to express our love with the gift of giving. No matter what the pocket book, there are numerous ways to make a difference with the donation of time.

If you are interested in joining a current team, or would like to start your own, please email our the Lunch Team Supervisor. Also, if you are already on a team and not familiar with all that being on a team entails, please read the following List of Responsibilities from the Fellowship.


What is Potluck?

Potluck meals following a service are usually unplanned. If you wish to attend a potluck, bring food or drink to share with others. For a breakfast potluck, this could be as simple as bringing a loaf of bread, or a few pieces of fruit, juice, bagels or Danish. Sometimes a potluck meal following a major feast will be organized by the Fellowship. In that case, someone in the Fellowship will ask for specific donations of types of foods; or simply volunteer to bring something of your own choice.

If you attend the service but haven’t brought food, please join us for the meal anyway. Simply offer to wash the dishes or otherwise help with the clean-up.


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